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48 Preludes & Caprices

for the Intermediate Piano Student

These are a series of piano studies to aid the piano student in sight reading in all the major and minor keys. The sheet music can be downloaded free in PDF format. The audio files can be downloaded free as mp3's. There is one prelude and one caprice in each major and minor key. Many technical exercises are incorporated in the pieces but they have enough musical value to be interesting to play. The complete book can be downloaded for free as 107 pages of PDF and the complete CD can also be downloaded for free. The sheet music was written with NoteWorthyComposer and the audio files are recordings of the playback by NWC. This leads to a precision that is an excellent starting point for the piano student but also leads to a complete lack of "feeling" which the student is thus required to create himself or herself.


click track to play


  1. Prelude in C

  2. Prelude in Am

  3. Prelude in F

  4. Prelude in Dm

  5. Prelude in G

  6. Prelude in Em

  7. Prelude in Bb

  8. Prelude in Gm

  9. Prelude in D

  10. Prelude in Bm

  11. Prelude in Eb

  12. Prelude in Cm

  13. Prelude in A

  14. Prelude in F#m

  15. Prelude in Ab

  16. Prelude in Fm

  17. Prelude in E

  18. Prelude in C#m

  19. Prelude in Db

  20. Prelude in Bbm

  21. Prelude in B

  22. Prelude in Ebm

  23. Prelude in F#

  24. Prelude in Abm


  1. Caprice in C

  2. Caprice in Am

  3. Caprice in F

  4. Caprice in Dm

  5. Caprice in G

  6. Caprice in Em

  7. Caprice in Bb

  8. Caprice in Gm

  9. Caprice in D

  10. Caprice in Bm

  11. Caprice in Eb

  12. Caprice in Cm

  13. Caprice in A

  14. Caprice in F#m

  15. Caprice in Ab

  16. Caprice in Fm

  17. Caprice in E

  18. Caprice in C#m

  19. Caprice in B

  20. Caprice in G#m

  21. Caprice in Gb

  22. Caprice in D#m

  23. Caprice in C#

  24. Caprice in A#m